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XML PAD extraction software works as interface between user and website. PAD XML extractor can save all the extracted record easily and quickly. XML PAD extractor application has all the features compatible with PAD guideline association of shareware professional. PAD extractor tool is a useful resource for webmaster and other users. XML PAD extractor software helps user to rescue all information such as contact first name, contact last name, download URL, application info URL, sales email, application file URL, general email, support email, version, program name, website URL, company name, company first name, company last name, company address, company web site URL, author first name, author last name, author email, application screenshot URL and application icon URL from PAD enabled websites. XML PAD extractor tool supports all major languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Greek, German, English, Korean and Spanish. Technical users as well as ordinary users can also use this tool very easily. Utility is clever and powerful freeware application that is compatible with Windows operating system. PAD data extractor application can fetch XML files and stores in .CSV file format analogous to MS excel spread sheet file easily.

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